Any excuse for a new notebook…

As my gardening post made clear, there’s nothing like a new notebook! And this will be an interesting one. A psychologist friend was extolling the benefits of a gratitude journal to me the other day: though it sounds a bit new-aged, the friend is a sarky cynic like me, so I tend to take her ideas seriously and thought I’d give this a go. You can read about a journalist’s exploration of the gratitude journal phenomenon here:

The idea is that, at the end of each day, you simply write down three things that you’re thankful for. I’m not promising to do this every day, or to blog about it much, even (other people’s gratitude sounds so smug! The world is in political turmoil!), but I am interested to see if I experience greater contentment and better sleep (both are promised by gratitude advocates). So, we shall see 🙂 

To start me off, I am grateful for this simple, lovely near view:

2: I had a lovely coffee with a friend yesterday. We don’t meet often, but we have lots of interests in common and I always feel cheery and invigorated when I’ve seen her. Her blog is here:

3: the sun is out! 


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