Let’s hope I have green fingers…

Well, in the corner of our garden, we have an old, neglected vegetable patch. Of course, I imagine myself turning into Hugh F-W, making amazing food from my own produce, so I started to clear the patch. It looks like this:

I think that’s an ancient raspberry cane, so I am trying to nurture that. I’m sure we’ll be feasting on fresh, sun warmed raspberries all summer šŸ˜‰ There’s also a plant which I think is chard – does anyone else know? I don’t want any upsetting mistakes!

Weeding was very satisfying.  I took a leaf (ahem) out of Alys Fowler’s book and just settled to it, and the end result was great. I only managed about two square feet of bare soil while the Little One was at nursery, but it was worth it. Alys’ advice is here: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/apr/29/how-to-win-the-war-on-weeds

Our local WI had a plant sale at which I picked up some strawberry plants, a courgette and some herbs, so we are well on our way!


2 thoughts on “Let’s hope I have green fingers…

  1. Doesn’t look like chard to me, sorry. Almost certain. Not entirely sure what it is, but advise not eating it until you get a definite diagnosis!


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