There’s nothing like new stationery…

This is what happens after too many trawls of Pinterest: gardening becomes a delicious set of purchases of books, notebooks and pens, rather than an actual trip into the garden. Still, our roses have thrived on neglect; my partner was given these tea glasses used as vases at a wedding this weekend so they’re perfect for our flowers:

And we have been cooking! These Danish pastries tasted fab and were very, very easy to make from a recipe in the Tesco magazine, which you can find here:

But just in case this is in danger of becoming one of those smug country life posts, I have also dealt with a huge hornet, two whopping sp*ders and two dead, mangled baby rabbits this week! Unsurprisingly, no pictures of those! Hope everyone’s enjoying their Bank Holiday weekend xx


Practically a small-holding :)

Yesterday evening, I was just looking at my solitary courgette plant and wondering what has happened to it (frost; wilt; slugs), when our lovely neighbour came round. She brought us eggs from her hens and this super basket of loveliness:

She knows I have been wrestling with the abandoned veg patch, and can probably see me trying to dig in flip flops of an evening, as slowly but surely the weeds are coming out! And this basket is a great incentive: gorgeous herbs (including Garlic chives – who knew there are garlic chives!?) and strawberry plants. Now, just a bit more clearing to be done….

Let’s hope I have green fingers…

Well, in the corner of our garden, we have an old, neglected vegetable patch. Of course, I imagine myself turning into Hugh F-W, making amazing food from my own produce, so I started to clear the patch. It looks like this:

I think that’s an ancient raspberry cane, so I am trying to nurture that. I’m sure we’ll be feasting on fresh, sun warmed raspberries all summer 😉 There’s also a plant which I think is chard – does anyone else know? I don’t want any upsetting mistakes!

Weeding was very satisfying.  I took a leaf (ahem) out of Alys Fowler’s book and just settled to it, and the end result was great. I only managed about two square feet of bare soil while the Little One was at nursery, but it was worth it. Alys’ advice is here:

Our local WI had a plant sale at which I picked up some strawberry plants, a courgette and some herbs, so we are well on our way!