Other People’s Photos Have a Restorative Effect

For some reason, all my crafting and knitting this week has seemed like *hard work.* In fact, there’s a pretty obvious reason: I’ve had to undo a lot of the jumper for my girlfriend as she wanted the next size up. Although the pattern lists the same amount of yarn for the original size and the new, bigger, size, it really isn’t looking good on the yarn front – and I’ve got a whole polo neck to come…! So, I was particularly pleased to get this photo:

This lovely baby is my friend’s daughter, wearing the cardigan I made for her! I really appreciate my friend taking this photo (in fact, four such photos!) and sending it on – it’s lovely to see it looking so nice on her little girl (see my earlier post on Ungrateful Recipients!). The pattern is from the fabulous More Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. I have blogged about this pattern before – it’s great, all knitted in the round, in speedy Aran. My only emendation was to add buttonholes. Hooray! Looking at this successful #FO heartens me as I contemplate more unravelling of the chunky tanktop….
Also: over on Ravelry, at http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crochet-christmas-snowflake/people , I have been so flattered to see that two people have made my Christmas Crochet Snowflake and posted up pictures! So, many thanks to EyesOnSaturday and MinnehahaSybyl for posting their pictures and showing that the pattern really worked, rather than being just an idiosyncratic jotting of my own….
OK, now I’ve boosted my knitting confidence – better get unravelling….

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